Best Cheap Work Boots

Work boots are just that – boots designed for wearing during work.  Or rather, designed to be worn during physical, outdoor work. 

These sturdy boots are good for protecting feet from hazards, but it doesn’t stop there because in recent years, work boots have also become fashionable to wear in themselves. 

Many different brands now offer work boots that can be worn either for work or to look stylish.  Some of the more expensive ones can reach high prices, but this is a list of the best cheap work boots, so you can protect your feet and look good for a reasonable price.

Best Cheap Work Boots

Caterpillar Outline

Caterpillar is a well-known brand when it comes to work boots, and it’s for a good reason.  They provide solid, good-looking boots at a very reasonable price.  They come in two colors – honey and seal brown – and are made of 100% leather with a rubber sole. 

That sole is specially designed to resist slipping, and actually goes beyond the standards set by the American Society for Testing and Materials for gripping low traction surfaces.  The leather uppers are durable and will resist abrasion well, while the toes are covered with a steel toe cap. 

That’s how you know these boots offer genuine protection, rather than just being good for looking fashionable. 

They’re also available from the manufacturer’s website.

Ever Boots Tank S

They might only be available in dark brown, but that’s the only color these great boots need.  They’re made of a leather that’s durable enough to deal with serious wear and tear but is still soft and comfortable enough that they won’t hurt your feet – the company even calls them “break in free”! 

The arch support means that your feet won’t get tired from repeated climbing, either. They’re also easy to put on and take off, so you can get into and out of them quickly. 

The boots feature a steel toe cap to protect your feet against anything that you might be unlucky enough to have fall on them. 

They’re also available on the manufacturer’s website.

Dickies Wrecker

These boots are another great option if you’re looking for some serious work boots for a low price.  They might come in brown only, but brown’s their color. 

The upper is made of 100% leather and resists water well. The boots not only feature a steel toe cap for maximum protection, but also go above and beyond by having a protective rubber toe bumper as well. 

Nothing’s going to hurt your feet if you’re wearing these! The sole is also made of rubber, and is lightweight, flexible, and oil resistant.  The boots are lined with a breathable fabric that is moisture wicking, so your feet will stay fresher for longer. 

They’re also available from Kohls.


These boots are made of a material called crazy horse leather, also known as saddle leather.  As you might have guessed, this material is often used to make saddles.  It’s becoming popular for other purposes because it’s both durable and treated in a way that gives it an attractive, antique patina. 

That’s very much on display with these boots, which have a wonderfully rich color and appearance.  The non-slip, oil resistant sole can also resist temperatures of up to 390F, so they’re really heavy duty. 

It’s also Goodyear welted to prevent damage and even features a kevlar fiber midsole to prevent anything from puncturing the sole and harming your feet.  The boots also have a steel toe cap to stop your feet being crushed by anything heavy. To top it all off, they come in a wide range of colors too! 

They’re also available here.

Elk Woods Work Boots

These attractive, brown boots are made of a water-resistant leather that’s durable enough to handle the rigors of outdoor activity with no problems. It also comes with a mesh inner lining to promote breathability. 

The sole is built with Goodyear welt construction, a particularly strong structure that greatly strengthens the boot. 

There is also a padded collar to the boot, which is great because it provides extra support to your ankle, meaning that these are easier to wear for longer periods and when doing physical activity. 

Unlike some other boots, this one features a soft toe rather than a steel toe cap, making it softer and more comfortable.  The rubber sole is resistant to oil and to slipping, meaning your safety is assured. 

They’re also available from Sears.

Rockrooster Work Boots

These are something a little different from the others on this list because they’re pull-ons, rather than lace-ups.  Another cool feature is its anti-fatigue memory foam insole, which will mold to your own personal foot shape to give you the maximum possible comfort. 

The steel toe cap will keep your feet and toes safe from crushing by heavy objects and on the outside, the leather upper looks good and is water-resistant. The rubber sole is not only slip resistant, but also dissipates static electricity into the ground. 

The fabric on the inside is also designed to keep your feet cool in hot weather, but also warm in cold weather, which is ideal for comfort. 

They’re also available from the manufacturer’s website.

Nortiv 8 Men’s Military Tactical Work Boots

These boots are designed both for work and for general outdoor activities like hiking, running, and so on.  These boots offer a large amount of ankle support to keep you comfortable and avoid the chance of injuries, and the zipper on the side means that they’re very easy to put on and take off. 

The sole is made up of three parts: a shock-absorbent cushion insole (removable) offers comfort inside, the flexible midsole absorbs shock and give protection while the rubber sole on the outside resists slipping, oil, and abrasion, and is perfect for using on difficult terrain. 

The upper is made of breathable but abrasion resistant materials to get the best of protection and comfort. 

They’re also available from the manufacturer’s website.

Final Thoughts

Now that you’ve seen this list, you should be all set when it comes to buying a pair of cheap work boots.  You can be confident that whichever pair you choose, you’ll look good while protecting your feet from everything the world can throw at them, so go for it!