Best Pull-On Work Boots

Let’s be honest; work boots can suck a lot. They are always unattractive, smelly, and never as water-resistant as they claim.

After a long day on your feet, you need a supportive shoe that isn’t an if, a but, or maybe, it is an absolute. Especially in the strenuous manual labor jobs, you will go through more pairs of boots than you can keep up with.

How many times had you had to break a pair of work boots just for them to break after a couple of weeks? But where do you start? Steel toes? Real leather? Are they still breathable while still being thermal?

Where will the value for money come in?

Now, pull-on boots are both easy and convenient, with no awkward laces that trip you up. Velcro that just doesn’t work, honestly; who came with Velcro? Two pieces of fabric that only stick together for the first six times. Atrocious!

Now, I am on your side, I have narrowed down the selection for you. So, read on to find out about the best pull-on work boots!

Best Pull-On Work Boots

Best Reviewed – WOLVERINE Men’s Floorhand Waterproof 10″ Steel Toe Work Boot

Wolverine is an all-American brand dedicated to ‘supporting people who forge their own path.’ Now, the snazzy name doesn’t sell these boots enough. The customer reviews will.

These waterproof work boots are designed to withstand the challenging demands that you face while on the job, all while keeping your feet comfortable with a fully cushioned foot bed and guess what? It is removable.

Regarded as attractive and affordable, you can see why they have a 4.3 out of 5 rating on

100% leather with a rubber sole and steel toe cap with ASTM certified standard and slick resistance, handy for standing on metal roofs. Calf-length at 10″ which is handy for deeper puddles and wetter work.

The larger calf size makes it more diverse, with more than enough room to tuck the bottoms of your trousers into.

True to size, so you can rest assured that they will fit. Weighing a surprising 4 pounds (1.81 kg), they won’t weigh you down like heavier boots. The no-nonsense front design is clean and sleek with no laces or overlaying.

The only consistent criticism is that the back of the heel doesn’t last as long, and the cushion wears away. This causes you to have to push the heel back in order to remove your shoe.


  • Well-known brand – Wolverine has been in the work shoe making industry for years. They are equipped with knowledge on how to make the perfect work shoe.
  • Customer satisfaction – With fantastic reviews on almost every supplier o this brand. Their customer satisfaction levels are super high, this is awesome.
  • Long calf-length (10′) – If you are working in a wetter climate, having higher coverage is ideal.
  • Light in weight – Due to these boots being light in weight, these boots aren’t going to be too heavy on your feet.


  • The back of the heel wears over time – As I mentioned previously, these boots do have some wear and tear, over time.

Most Water-Resistant – ARIAT Men’s Workhog Work Boot

These western-style boots fit the all-around American seeking the thrill of the little cowboy in them.

The dark brown leather contrasts well with yellow stitches, which really showcases the detailing at the top. 100% leather – these work boots shut out the wet and snow.

The Ariat’s ATS Max platforms are designed to reduce foot fatigue. The extra shock absorption and stability is perfect for the working man. Foot fatigue (a new favorite word) is a silent killer, don’t fall victim to it.

A thick rubber sole with outer synthetic material is perfect for dirty puddles.

Also equipped with a dura-tread outsole which makes these pull-on cowboy boots oil resistant. Multi-surface traction on the bottom also provided slip resistance.

With a U-turn entry system, they are designed to be easy to put on and remove. They will fit even the wider footed of us.

Ariat as a brand also goes above and beyond with its science of innovation and consciously strives for the best quality they can provide. They work with world-class research groups to improve performance, comfort, and durability.

The only real limit is the sizing. They run small. So, sizing up is a must!


  • Cowboy style boots – These boots are super cool and super western. The cowboy style boot is a little extra fashion to a work boot.
  • ATS max platform to reduce foot fatigue – Ariat as a brand is focused on making the shoe, the most comfortable fit possible. While minimizing foot fatigue, you will be able to maximize work load without worry about your feet.
  • Both water and oil resistant – Being both water and oil resistant, this is an addition that your work boots need.
  • U-turn entry system – This system really puts the pull in pull-on boots, the design is effective putting the boots on and off.


  • Sizing runs small – The only major issue with these boots is the sizing range, these boots are not ideal for larger feet.

Best Versatile Boot – GROUNDWORK – Men’s Safety Boots, GR20 Twin Gusset Dealer

These stylish, modern boots are without a doubt a treat for the eyes. These boots are available in brown, black, and honey. These ankle length Chelsea boots are the perfect in-between work boot and everyday boot.

Don’t be fooled. Even though these are trendy, they are still just as much a working man’s boot as their other contestants. Both breathable and protective, these boots have that level of versatility every man needs.

Also designed with a steel toe cap and twin side gussets, these boots are surprising on the lighter side.

These boots are advertised on Amazon Prime with a try before you buy, so rest assured that groundwork understands how valued your money is.

However, it is safe to say that these boots are not waterproof, so for a laborer that works with anything liquid-based, these will not be the boots for you.


  • A more stylish and trendy design – These more modern boot are perfect for those in between jobs. The Chelsea design is a timeless boot for most men, being able to wary these in a selection of different settings is really showing the adaptability of these boots.
  • Variety in colors – Options, we love having them. These boots have a large range of different shades to choose from.
  • Ankle length – Due to most of the boots in the list being calf-length, as handy as they may be, these boots being ankle length are perfect for those more modern setting, like visiting office.


  • Not waterproof – The boots are not waterproof, so if working with wetter climates is within your job description, these aren’t the pull on boots for you.

Overall Best Buy – BLUNDSTONE 500 Stout Brown Boot

Blundstone is one of the shoe brands you just cannot beat, their brand loyalty is entirely just. These rugged styles are the most adaptable boats on the list.

They perfectly balance the quality of a supportive work boot with adaptability to also be worn indoors. A synthetic sole with 100% genuine premium leather, these boots are also supplied with SPS max comfort, which is ideal for men on their feet all day.

Blundstone is an Australian brand founded in 1870, advertised as a no-nonsense footwear company committed to using sustainable products for their boots and maximizing the use of recycled and recyclable materials.

So, the level of quality, integrity, and authenticity is unmatched.

With a removable insole, these boots are created to last with an easily changeable insole. So you don’t have to worry about the inside wearing out too soon.

Whether you want to walk, work, or even ride, these boots will always be on your side. The boot opening is around 11″, so there won’t be an unnecessary squeeze to get your foot in.
These shorter ankle-length boots will also make them more breathable than longer calf-length boots.

However, they do lack the steel toe cap that we are used to, and it does, however, contain a plastic cap that is considered quite burly.


  • Well established brand – Blundstone is a well-known and well respected brand, even though these boots are on the pricier side, you know you are paying for top quality boots.
  • Adaptable design – With the removable insole, the design of the shoe can adapt to your own foot needs.
  • Respectable materials – Blundstone is a brand that is dedicated to using recycled and recyclable materials, if you are conscious of your own green footprint, work with brands like Blunstone, they too have the same vision.


  • No steel toe cap – They lack a steel toe cap that may be necessary in your line of work.

Best Woman Pull On Boots – BOGS Woman Sauvie Slip-on Boot Waterproof Garden Rain

Now, now, now, I wasn’t going just to leave out the ladies on this list.

Focusing on the waterproof aspect, these boots are GARDEN-PROOF with 3 mm deep waterproof insulation and Durafresh organic biotechnology that is designed to fight odors. The boots stay dry and fresh!

Coming in with shades of black, sage, mocha and dark gray, our lovely ladies don’t have to be bogged (get it?) down without the same boring, black boot.

With rebound cushioning technology that is centered around providing long-lasting comfort. Bogs also provided a Bogs Max-Wick that moves sweat away from your foot to keep your feet dry.

A BioGrip slip-resistant outsole to help prevent slips and trips is perfect for any wet floored work. Although these boots are attractive and versatile, they are not laborer boots.

The lack of steel toe caps means that these boots aren’t going to be protective. While researching, I found out that in the question of their durability, these boots aren’t as long-lasting as others.


  • Range of colors – For us fashion foreword ladies, having options in footwear are always a must.
  • Waterproof – These boots will keep your feet dry, it is the min component of the shoe. A complete garden proof shoe.
  • Durafresh technology to fight against odors – Due to these boots being for mainly garden work, Bogs had designed a Durafresh technology ton help combat stinky feet!
  • Slip-resistant sole – Having a slip-resistant shoe is key, especially in garden work, these have then built in!


  • Lacks the protective build – The boots are for garden work mainly, or even hiking, they lack the protective additions that the others had. These boots are not ideal for any work that your feet require protection.
  • Not as durable – Due to the environment these boots are designed more, the water does end up pulling the boots apart over time. Take that into consideration when Deciding what shoe to purchase.

Buyer’s Guide

Work boots are essential, one of the most important pairs of boots you will purchase. These aren’t just boots; they are work boots. You will consistently wear these boots the most.

You require a level of knowledge and background checks. What materials are the made-up off? Who made them? How much is too much for a pair of boots?

There is, without a doubt, a checklist of requirements your work boots must-have. But worry-not. Here they are!

100% Leather

Yes, I know, all pair boots are advertised as 100% leather but are they truly? Is it authentic leather? When in doubt, here is how to check-

Authentic leather will feel soft and flexible, but there will be a grainy feel when you touch them. Genuine leather will also be able to be stretched, whereas fake leather will not. 100% leather will also have a smell to it. Although, an oaky aroma, it smells quite nice, if I am honest.

But why leather? Because of its durability, leather lasts. They don’t tear as easily; they are water-resistant and easy to clean. They are also able to withstand various environments, cold weather, for example.

Slip Resistant Sole

The last thing anyone wants is a slip or a trip in the workplace. If you work in the kitchen or as a plumber, these worries are universal.

Even most fast-food places will suggest having a shoe with a slip-resistant sole to prevent falling over.

When looking for slip-resistant boots, newer models will state the CoF, the coefficient of friction. The higher the results, the more slip resistant the boots are.

A slip-resistant sole will have a softer sole. A closely packed tread pattern will work better with indoor environments and spills and shallow puddles. A wider and more open pattern generally performed better in outdoor settings.

Maintaining your slip-resistant sole is key to keeping safe; the tread pattern must stay clear of any mess or dirt. Also, be aware that slip-resistant soles can wear through, so don’t wear them past their expiration date!


When you work on your feet all day, you will find that all your cares about how your boots look will go out the window. The only question you will want to be answered is – Are these boots going to be comfortable?

As mentioned earlier, foot fatigue is a silent killer, one no one is above it.

Having the proper amount of support for your feet is vital when it comes to your comfort. It is also good to note that what you demand comfort-wise will vary on your feet.

But where to start? Memory foam insoles? How thick is the back of the shoe? Do you need to break them in? How narrow are the boots? My answer to this is – Read the reviews!!

Memory foam is great! – but it does cling to water. Also, if the back of the shoe is hard – it will take a while to fully break-in.

Thicker soles will help with the shock absorption, but they will lack the arch support needed if you are flat-footed. Removable soles are always a good idea for both durability and layering.


The level of protection will vary depending on what job you work. However, most work boots will provide the usual steel toe cap and usual impact standards.

However, you may require a taller boot if work requires your calves to be protected as well. boots will also need to be oil and/or water-resistant if you are working under conditions that these hazards will appear.

The level of protection required from your work boots will be directly linked with your work itself.

Most jobs will have a standard for their work boots under the law. They will be expected to conduct risk assessments regularly for their employee’s safety.

This is a conversation that you will need to have with your employer if you are unsure. But just always, always, always, put your protection first!


There is nothing worse than spending an arm or a leg on your work boots for them to fall apart after a week. Sometimes the boot cannot handle the climate they are in. water, oil, sweat can pull boots apart.

Always check the following:

  • The material is thicker on your toes – most wear and tear will appear when kneeling.
  • The sole of the shoe is both thick and flexible. The sole of the shoe is required to be thick for protection but flexible enough to mimic your own feet without snapping,
  • The stitching is secure – pick at it. If you are able to pull it apart with your hands, the stitching will not hold.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Change From My Usual Lace-Up Boot To This Pull-On? Will, They Not Just Fall Off?

There are numerous reasons why changing to pull-on can be the best thing you do for your feet this year.

Firstly, laces take ages to tie, and now I know how silly this sounds but picture this – you’ve woken up late for work. You’ve been in panic mode since.

Clothes have been thrown around, and you should have left fifteen minutes ago. You are dressed and at the door, nursing your keys, but your boots are there, and the laces aren’t pulled out.

You are now going to have to sit down and pull out these laces, place your feet in them to wrap these laces back around both feet and then tie. Completely time-wasting, especially on a budget.

Stop pulling out laces and start pulling on boots.

As if will they fall off? Not a chance, as long as you purchase the correct size ;). Equipped with a dual stretch fabric on either side of your ankle, pull-on boots can stretch for you and tighten back up for your ankle.