Best Slip On Work Boots

If you work in an industrial setting, outdoors, or in a manual capacity, you will know that having a good pair of work boots is essential. The right work boots will not only keep your feet and ankles protected from the potential hazards of your workplace, but will also keep your feet comfortable and supported.

Healthy, happy feet allow you to work more productively for longer, and prevent injuries, aches, and pains from developing over time. All this means that your overall performance at work and ability to work can be improved if you invest in the right footwear.

Slip on work boots are a great option for those who want to save time and effort when booting up for a day’s work. With no time-consuming laces to tie or fastenings to adjust, slip on work boots speed up prep time and allow you to get on with the job more quickly (and finish up more quickly too!).

Zips, buckles and laces do not need to pose a trip or snag hazard any more, because slip on work boots are fuss free and functional. These days there are hundreds of brands offering slip on work boots suited to a wide range of job specs and working environments. Luckily for you, we have put together a list of top picks, so you can decide which slip on work boots will be the perfect fit for you.

Best Slip On Work Boots

Best All Round Work Boots – Diig Work Boots

To kick us off we have these incredibly versatile work boots by Diig, which take the prize for best all round option if you tend to work in a variety of environments and cover a range of tasks. Whether you work in mining, manufacturing, warehouse storage, security, agriculture or construction, these Diig work boots are a solid choice and have thousands of top customer ratings to prove it. Let’s break it down.

Durability: these boots are made from full grain leather which is incredibly hard wearing and can take on even the toughest working environments. The goodyear welt construction means the seams are seriously strong and won’t break or tear even under rigorous strain.

Best of all, the PU / TPU outsole is thick and puncture resistant so will not thin down with wear. The moulded rubber scuff guard over the toe helps to preserve the leather and keep these boots strong and solid even after years of use. The leather has been treated with a waterproof coating so these boots can withstand damp and wet conditions as well.

Safety: These Diig work boots have 200J steel toe caps that meet US safety standards for construction site work and provide excellent protection against crushing and stubbing. Bumps, knocks and impacts from falling objects are all alleviated by these caps.

What is more, the outsole is slip resistant, even in wet conditions, thanks to the excellent traction treads under foot. They are also anti-static, oil and alkali resistant, abrasion resistant and electric shock resistant. These boots have you covered!

Comfort: The memory foam insole in these Diig work boots moulds to your individual foot shape and cradles your foot throughout the day to prevent fatigue from setting in. Better still, the box toe area has been designed with extra room so toes can spread comfortably.

This prevents sores and blisters from developing, allowing you to work free from pain. The high-tension elastic panels allow for easy slip on and off access but also hold enough tension to support your ankles over a long day’s work.


  • Full grain leather, long lasting and waterproof
  • Steel toe caps keep feet protected
  • Durable and versatile outsole is anti-slip, puncture proof and highly resistant
  • Comfort insole cradles foot


  • These boots run large, so best buy a ½ size down for a good fit

Best EverydayWork Boots – Skechers Relaxed Fit

If you are looking for a slip-on work boot that can easily double as a casual daywear option, then these Skechers relaxed fit work boots are it. You can wear these on the warehouse, factory or manufacturing floor and then wear them to the grocery store as well. They are cool, comfortable and versatile. Let’s take a closer look.

Durability: Skechers are known for creating long lasting footwear and the 100% leather on these relaxed fit work boots is seriously durable. The reinforced stitching means these boots are sturdy and won’t fray or split even if you wear them day in, day out.

Safety: Your ankles are well encased in these 5” boots, so the delicate bone and skin are protected from hazards and impacts. The outsole is slip resistant thanks to the Skechers tread pattern, so you can feel sure footed and confident as you go about your day.

However, these boots do not offer suitable cover for heavy duty construction work. The relaxed fit is great for slipping on and off effortlessly, but does mean that these boots do not support the ankle as well as other options.

Comfort: Skechers relaxed fit work boots score very highly for comfort. The air-cooled memory foam insole contours to your foot’s shape, and prevents hot spots and blisters from developing. The insole is also moisture wicking and stops feet from becoming clammy and sweaty in hot conditions. These boots are lightweight, so do not tire the legs by weighing them down.


  • Wide ankle opening for easy on/off access
  • 100% leather and reinforced seams for durability
  • Breathable, moisture wicking insole keeps feet cool
  • Lightweight and trendy for everyday wear


  • Leather is thinner and less protective than other options
  • Not suitable for heavy duty wear

Best Winter Work Boots – SILENTCARE Men’s Winter Work Boot

If you live and work in a particularly cold climate then you will need a pair of slip-on work boots that can handle the added strains and difficulties of your environment. These Silent Care work boots have tons of features that make them an ideal choice for workers in wintery, snowy climbs.

Durability: These winter work boots are fully waterproof meaning that the fabric stays dry and resilient even in heavy rain and sludgy snow. The thick, synthetic rubber outsole is hardwearing and resistant whilst also being flexible. It can cope with rough, tough terrain and will not crack, thin or faulter.

Safety: These boots are lined with a waterproof inner sock which protects feet from intense cold and means you can go out in frost and snow without fear of your feet becoming sore. The outsole had deep treads which aid flexibility, allowing you a greater range of movement, and also make these boots anti-slip – something that is essential for any winter work boot. The shaft extends up to the mid-calf, thus protecting the lower leg and ankle from snags, scratches, cold and other hazards. 

Comfort: There is a side zipper on these winter work boots that opens the boots up for easier access, however they can also be slipped on and off very easily. The inner portion of the boot has a heat-reflective lining that keeps you warm even in very cold temperatures and allows you to stay outdoors for longer. The sole is lightweight and flexible, aiding your motion rather than restricting it. Great for outdoor activities like hiking, fishing and skiing.


  • Waterproof fabric keeps feet dry
  • Heat-reflective lining keeps feet warm 
  • Lightweight and flexible sole keeps you mobile and free
  • Mid-calf height protects lower leg


  • Deep treads tend to gather dirt, mud and snow
  • These boots run big, so opt for a half size down

Most Long Lasting Work Boots – Dr Martens Unisex Chelsea Boot

If you are looking for a pair of work boots that will last a lifetime (almost) then there are none better than Dr Martens. The brand has been making seriously durable boots for decades, and these unisex Chelsea boots are both stylish and strong. Let’s dig in.

Durability: The secret to Dr Martens durability is their air-cushioned synthetic sole, made from PVC fused with GRIP-TRAX rubber pods. The combination is a super sturdy outsole that does not thin, wear or scuff even under daily strain. The downside is that these boots take a while to break in.

The 100% full grain leather uppers are waterproof, spill resistant and easy to wipe clean. And, of course, the iconic yellow welt stitching is second to none, and holds these boots together come rain or shine.

Safety: The lug pattern on the outsole of these Chelsea boots is designed to be slip-resistant and provide you with a stable and sturdy footing as you go about your work. The tall ankle shaft protects the delicate skin and bone in that area, and the leather upper forms a thick protective casing for the toes and foot. Moreover, the AirWair sole is heat resistant in temperatures as high as 572 degrees Fahrenheit. Not bad!

Comfort: These work boots have a breathable, moisture wicking inner bootie which stops your feet becoming clammy and hot but also keeps them warm in winter months. Memory foam pods have been strategically placed within the insole to support the arch and cushion the heel and ball for maximum comfort. The lightweight rubber sole is anti-fatigue, so these boots can be worn for hours without tiring the legs.


  • Incredibly durable Dr Martens PVC / rubber outsole 
  • Reliable and resilient leather upper and welt stitching
  • Slip-resistant outsole
  • Cushioned insole with memory foam pods
  • Moisture wicking, breathable inner sock lining


  • Stiff at first, so must be broken in over time

Best Farm / Ranch Work Boots – Golden Fox Pull On Wellington Work Boot 

And finally, we have a great slip-on work boot for all you farm hands and ranchers out there. These 11-inch boots from Golden Fox have tons of innovative design features that prove they have been designed for ranchers, by ranchers. The slip-on design is especially handy after a hard day’s work as you can kick these boots off without even having to bend down. Yeehaa! 

Durability: Wow, these work boots are made from 100% leather that is long lasting and resilient. What is more, the polyethylene wedge outsole is oil resistant, so is suitable for wearing in oiled environments such as workshops, factories and warehouses. Even if you work long hours, all year round, the materials in these boots will endure.

Safety: The 11-inch shaft protects not only your feet, but also your calves and shins from impacts, bumps, scratches and the cold. The wedge pattern is an excellent safety feature as it greatly reduces the risk of tripping on rivets, uneven terrain and other obstacles that lugged boots tend to catch on.

These boots are slip-resistant and the insole is shock absorbent, protecting your lower back and legs from injury and pain. Best of all, the minimal stitches prevent sparks from burning these boots, so they are a great choice for welders and others working with heat and fire.

Comfort: These boots are incredibly lightweight thanks to their polyethylene sole. This means that your legs and feet do not tire through wearing them but stay energized and mobile. The steel shank supports your arch so that you can maintain a healthy posture throughout the day and avoid injuries. The hook tabs are ideal finger size and make pulling these boots on in the mornings very simple and stress free.


  • 100% leather is durable, protective and stylish
  • Polyethylene outsole is lightweight and very easy to clean
  • These boots are oil resistant, anti-slip, anti-fatigue and spark resistant
  • The wedge design is stable, sturdy and prevents trip hazards
  • The 11-inch shaft protects the lower leg
  • Steel shank and cushioned insole mean these boots are comfortable and supportive


  • The polyethylene outsole is less durable than other rubber options
  • These boots need to be broken in

Buyer’s Guide

Having looked at our top picks, here are a few key features to consider when deciding which slip-on work boots will be best for your personal needs.

Boot Height

The standard height for a work boot is usually around 6 inches from ankle to arch, and this is sufficient for protecting the ankle bone and Achilles tendon from hazards and impacts.

However, if you work outdoors, or in a particularly cold environment then you should consider opting for a taller work boot that will provide warmth and protection to the calf and shin areas as well.

Upper Material

Most work boots are made from leather as it is highly strong, protective and durable. Some brands offer excellent synthetic leather, but there is often nothing better than the real deal.

However, it is important to note that leather work boots can often be stiff and rigid when first worn, and it is best to break them in before spending long hours walking around in them.

Outsole Thickness

The thicket the outsole, the stronger and more durable your work boots will be. If you work in a heavy-duty environment then a hefty outsole is vital, however, a thick, dense outsole will also weigh you down.

If your work requires you to walk for miles and run up and down ladders all day, you will not want to have heavy weights on the end of your legs. A lightweight synthetic outsole is better for these types of work.

Steel Toe Caps

For those working with heavy loads and in potentially hazardous environments, steel toe caps will provide you with protection and peace of mind.

However, steel toe caps add rigidity and weight to work boots, so if you are a worker who needs to be mobile and agile you will be better off opting for boots without steel toe caps.


The battle between lugs and no lugs rages passionately in the work boot world. Boots with deep lugs provide better traction and anti-slip properties, and so are great for those who work outdoors in potentially slippery and uneven environments.

However, wedge boots without deep lugs are far easier to clean, since lugs often get packed with mud, dirt and snow. Lugs can also trap bit parts if you are working in a workshop or warehouse, and this can be dangerous. On these occasions, wedge boots with well-placed tread patterns are a better option.


A really important factor of any work boot is the fit, and all brands differ in this area. No matter what your standard foot size may be, we always recommend measuring your foot and comparing it to the company’s own size chart before buying.

This is because many boots run bigger or smaller than standard sizes. Boots that are too small will pinch and restrict your feet. Boots that are too big will slip and cause blisters and sores to develop. Size really is of utmost importance when you wear boots all day, every day, so take the time to get it right.