Best Waterproof Work Boots

Do you hate shopping? Well, shopping for work-related apparel is no different. Shopping for work boots, in particular, opens the floodgates to a whole new world of terms like waterproof, water-resistant, microbial anti-odor, composite safety toes and so much more.

We are here to make your life easier so that you can spend less time wading through needless waffle and focus on finding a pair of work boots that will work for you.

We took the time to find the five best waterproof work boots, we even placed them into different categories of lightweight boots, boots with a safety toe, rubber boots, insulated boots, and versatile boots meaning there is definitely a pair of boots suited to you on this list.

If you don’t find anything you like we also have a buyer’s guide to help you on your search for other waterproof work boots. All of these boots are waterproof as well as having a whole range of other fantastic features. Let’s begin!

5 Best Waterproof Work Boots

Best Lightweight Waterproof Work Boots: FREE SOLDIER Waterproof Lightweight Work Boots


These combat-style boots may look chunky but they are super lightweight and comfortable. You can wear these boots for work or any other outdoor activity.

These boots offer so much for a budget-friendly price making them the perfect work shoe for anyone just starting out on a new career and not having the money to splurge on work shoes just yet. These boots are easy to maintain and will help your feet not feel fatigued from working on them all day.


  • Puncture-proof outer material
  • Reinforced toes and heels for ultimate protection 
  • Lycra cloth lining to enhance breathability while wearing these boots
  • Gusseted tongue to prevent leaks, dirt, or small parasites from getting inside
  • Non-slip sole with specially engineered tread designed for traction
  • Padded interior for support on rough terrains


  • These boots may not last as long as other reliable boots such as Timberlands
  • Small sizing so sizes up to avoid discomfort

You can buy these boots on Amazon by clicking here or you can purchase directly from FREE SOLDIER, the manufacturer, by clicking here.

Best Safety Toe Waterproof Work Boots: Timberland PRO Boondock 6” Composite Toe Waterproof Industrial & Construction Shoe


These boots have everything you would want and need for a work boot. Whether you work in landscaping or construction, these boots are a workman’s best friend as they help to keep your feet dry and your toes safe.

Made from 100% genuine waterproof leather, these boots are not only extremely comfortable but also very durable, meaning you get more out of your money.

These boots feature antimicrobial odor control, keeping your boots and feet smelling and feeling fresh. These heavy-duty boots are sure to impress and the cool, rugged aesthetic makes them very versatile between heavy days at work and meetings onsite. 


  • Dual-Density Dynamix Anti-Fatigue technology helps to provide comfort in even harsh environments as well as providing a polyurethane footbed for extra comfort
  • Waterproof membrane for extra protection
  • Composite safety toe
  • All-weather outsole and Dual-Density midsole provide protection from the elements and help create a breathable boot
  • Deep lugs for extra traction on the outsole


  • It May take time to break in due to leather material
  • Sizes can run large so it is best to try before purchasing

You can buy these boots on Amazon by clicking here or you can purchase directly from Timberland, the manufacturer, by clicking here.

Best Rubber Waterproof Work Boots: Servus XTP 15” PVC Chemical-Resistant Steel Toe Work Boots


Rubber work boots are fantastic for workers that are out in extreme weather conditions or in incredibly wet places. If your daily workday sees you wading through streams, mucky areas or flooded areas then investing in a pair of rubber work boots would be best for you.

If you work out at sea on oil rigs and fishing trawlers then these boots could definitely be the perfect pair for you. These Servus XTP PVC waterproof work boots have a huge amount of positives and are definitely worth some consideration.

With a huge amount of safety features these boots also have a great outsole that features Xtra Traction Performance, meaning you are less likely to slip and injure yourself at work. While these may slightly resemble a pair of gumboots, we can assure you that they are so much more.


  • Built with triple density technology that prevents the rubber material from degrading
  • Protects against water, oil, and other harsh chemicals
  • Seamless design prevents any leaks
  • Pull-on boots so no need to bend over and tie laces
  • Steel-toe safety feature
  • The insole is removable, meaning you can remove it to wash and prevent any bacterial build-ups
  • Self-cleaning outer material, little maintenance required


  • High rise length may be warm and make your feet and lower legs feel stuffy in hotter climates
  • Rubber is a less breathable material than leather so washing the insole will be important to prevent Athlete Foot and other fungal diseases

You can buy these boots on Amazon by clicking here or you can purchase directly from Honeywell, the manufacturer, by clicking here.

Best Insulated Waterproof Work Boots: Carhartt Rugged Flex Safety Toe Work Boot


Specially designed for jobs that keep you on the move, these insulated waterproof work boots provide comfort, support, and additional protection from a range of possible risks when out working. The oil-tanned leather works to keep out water.

These boots are particularly great for those who run the risk of coming in contact with electrical circuits at work as these shoes offer protection against incidental contact with electrical circuits in dry conditions of 18,000 volts and under.


  • Rugged Flex rubber outsole for flexibility on uneven terrain and durable traction
  • Rubber toe and heel bumper for extra protection and stability
  • Cushioned polyurethane insole for additional shock absorption and support
  • FastDry lining fights nasty smells and wicks sweat
  • Composite safety toe for compression hazards and protection against impact


  • Imported so stock levels may vary
  • It could be overly warm in hotter climates and cause feet to sweat

You can buy these boots on Amazon by clicking here or you can purchase directly from Carhartt, the manufacturer, by clicking here.

Best Versatile Waterproof Work Boots: Wolverine Men’s W04821 Buccaneer Work Boots


Spending money can be easier for some and for others getting something that has versatility is very important. Here we have a great pair of boots that look as fantastic as they feel. These work boots are 100% waterproof as well as being 100% leather.

Their unique color is hard to come by in the world of work boots where everything is black, gray, or brown. These boots have a lovely deep red tone making them perfect to pair with a pair of long trousers on a hike or with a pair of jeans for a more formal site meeting.

Leather boots can often run small or run large but these shoes are true to size, allowing you to simply order a pair online using the links provided below. This is great as it means you don’t have to waste time finding a store where you can try them on. Let’s take a look at the great benefits associated with these boots and it’s features.


  • Full-grain waterproof leather and moisture managing mesh inner linings, meaning zero leaks or moisture getting in 
  • Removable full-cushion insole and lightweight PU midsole give you extra comfort and shock absorption
  • Flexible contour welts allow the boots to move with your feet on uneven terrain
  • Nylon shank
  • Great ankle support


  • The toe can scuff before the rest of the shoe

You can buy these boots on Amazon by clicking here or you can purchase directly from Wolverine, the manufacturer, by clicking here.

Buyers Guide

Although we have listed the 5 best waterproof boots, we found you may still be interested in doing your own research.

If you do plan on seeing what else is on the market before choosing a waterproof work boot, we recommend that you factor in the below considerations before making your purchase. Below we list four important things to consider when buying a new pair of work boots.


Working on your feet all day can be tough so it is essential that you have a pair of boots that can support your feet while also being comfortable to spend hours at a time in. Giving your feet proper support and comfort helps relax your lower back as you will not be spending the day tense or wincing in pain.

Contour welts are a great feature to look for as they provide more flexibility for the feet which is important for those extra-long work shifts. It is also worth checking for boots that have removable midsoles and comfortable footbeds so that your boots can respond to your foot’s needs. 


Work boots can be expensive and so it is important that you get your money’s worth when you splash out on a decent pair of boots. You could say decent waterproof work boots are an investment piece but you would waste money by purchasing unreliable boots as they would break and not be as waterproof as more reliable branded shoes would be.

Buying a pair of waterproof leather boots is a sure way to get years out of your purchase. While commonly leather and water do not go well together this type of leather is specially coated to cope with any amount of rain or accidental spillages when you are at work.


It may seem like there is a lot to be thought about before purchasing a pair of waterproof work boots but we promise you won’t regret taking the time and factoring all of these considerations into your purchase. Depending on your line of work it may be worth considering boots with a safety toe and an outsole.

Having boots with a safety toe feature can save literal broken bones should you be involved in an accident at work. Your outsole is also hugely important as it can prevent you from slipping and sliding while working outdoors. Make sure the sole is fully abrasive and slip-resistant to save yourself from daily stumbles.


If you don’t have a lot of spare time, you will not want to waste five to ten minutes every evening cleaning off your boots. Some waterproof work boots are constructed using self-cleaning materials and this could help save you time in the long run.

For any boots that have removable insoles, you should make a habit of throwing these into your weekly wash loads as it is a great way of maintaining your boots and protecting your feet from any harmful bacteria. Microbial anti-odor technology is now one of the main features in a lot of work boots helping to prevent your boots and feet from smelling.

Bigger brands, such as Timberland and Carhartt, will have specific cleaning products available for certain shoes and this can save the fuss of trying to find products that work and that are compatible with the outer material on your work boots. Check how much maintenance is required before purchasing new work boots.

Final Thoughts

We hope that you feel ready to get the best pair of waterproof work boots that suit you and your budget as well as your needs. Waterproof boots may not seem like a necessity but not only are wet feet hugely uncomfortable they can cause illness and lead to issues such as Athlete’s Foot and fungal nail infections.

To protect yourself from all possibilities when working outdoors, regardless of the climate you are working in, we strongly recommend investing in a pair of waterproof work boots. You will thank yourself someday in the future when you get stuck working in an impromptu rain shower or when a leak in a building soaks your feet.

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail, or in this case prepare to have wet feet! This list features boots to suit different budgets and even the most budget-friendly pair on this list are still a really high standard of boots. Do you still have questions? Check out our frequently asked questions below and you might find your answer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Waterproof My Old Work Boots Without Buying A New Pair?

Yes, you can buy sprays that are compatible with most shoe fabrics that will create a moisture seal and waterproof your boots to a certain level. Sprays tend to wear off and so you will need to reapply every 2 weeks to get good results.

You can purchase waterproofing sprays for work boots online or in shoe retail stores but ensure that the spray you buy is compatible with the material your work boots are made of as the spray could cause damage if it is not suited to the fabric.

If you are considering waterproofing boots, it may be more worthwhile to buy a new pair as boots made from a waterproof material will always give the best results. 

What Is The Difference Between Waterproof And Water-Resistant Work Boots?

When searching for a new pair of work boots you will come across both of these terms, water-resistant and waterproof. These terms refer to the level of water-resistance the boots are. Waterproof work boots are built with waterproofing features during the construction stage of the boots.

Water-resistant work boots are often only sprayed with water-resistant material and so they are less waterproof than actual waterproof boots. If you have a choice between the two, we would recommend waterproof boots over water-resistant boots for the best results, especially if you are working outdoors in a wet climate.

How Do You Clean Waterproof Boots?

To keep your boots looking good as new it is important to take certain steps to maintain your boots look. Always brush off your boots after wearing them, you can use a dry bristle brush to do this.

To clean your boots there will be instructions that come with your boots or else you will be able to find instructions related to specific branded boots online.

In most cases, you will remove the insole and shoelaces before applying the specialized cleaning product. Leave the boots to dry entirely before replacing the insoles and shoelaces. If you clean your boots often, they will last longer while also maintaining their aesthetic. 

Can You Put Waterproof Boots In The Washing Machine?

While it may seem a lot of effort to maintain your boots you should never consider putting your boots in the washing machine as this would cause irreversible damage to the boots. The heat of the water can melt the sole as well as damage the shoe’s fabrics.

There are some cleaning services that offer work boot cleaning. You should consider availing of these services if you do not want to spend time caring for your work boots.