Best Work Boots For Bad Knees

Bad knees are an increasingly common problem at work, especially for older people.

If you have a very strenuous job in manual labor or heavy industry, then you might be looking at increased pain in your delicate joints such as your knees. However, there is one way you can alleviate this issue… and that’s by getting the right shoes.

But what do your feet have to do with your knees? Well, the leg could be seen as a type of system that works in conjunction with its constituent parts.

If the foot is maladapted for whatever reason, then you might be looking at pains in the knee, hip and thigh. Having shoes that face the right way is very important for good posture.

If you are going to be repeatedly bending your knees during work, then having shoes that can support the proper form for your feet as well as giving you cushioning and alignment will be very important to improving your quality of life at work.

So where can you find the proper shoes for your bad knees? What design do these shoes need to have to alleviate any stress that you might be putting your knees under?

What is the best material for these shoes to be made from? How much will you be expected to pay for a pair of decent work shoes for bad knees?

Well, if you do want to relieve pain for your bad knees, then I suggest that you read on, as I have done a deep dive and compiled a list of some of the best work boots for bad knees that you can currently find on the market.

I also have a buyer’s guide that will help you to find out which features will be the best for your knees.

List Of Best Work Boots For Bad Knees

Timberland PRO Men’s Boondock 6″ Waterproof-M Industrial Work Boot

This first pair of shoes that I’ve found is by the Timberland brand, which has got a sizable reputation for making the most tenacious and long-lasting shoes that you can find on the market.

They are inspired by athletic science, which means that they have considered human biology and worked out how to make their shoes give you good form – introducing Timberland Pro Men’s Boondock 6-inch Waterproof-M INdustrial Work Boots.

This foot will make sure that any shocks that you get from stamping hard on concrete flooring or wood will not make their way up to your bad knees. These shock absorbing properties will give you everything that you need for a solid work shoe. This work boot is designed with maximum safety in mind.


  • This is built with anti-fatigue technology, which means that your feet will be far less tired than they would with a heavier boot. You can be sure that you’ll be able to stand on your feet much longer with these shoes.
  • They are completely waterproof – most likely if you have work boots, you can expect plenty of wet and windy weather that could corrode the outside of your boot.
  • This will reduce friction on the inside of your shoe, reduce the levels of chafing that you’ll experience. This is the number one cause of discomfort at work.
  • This comes with live webbing, which will provide even more cushioning on the inside of your foot.


  • The price – these are some of the more expensive shoes on our list, although with a higher price comes much better quality.

Wolverine Men’s 8 Inch Durashock High-Performance Work Boot

This next boot I can thoroughly recommend for anyone who has a heavy-duty job that involves manual labor and working in the extreme elements.

These boots are very secure, with tight laces that will secure them to your feet, giving you proper form – introducing the Wolverine Men’s 8-inch Durashock High-Performance Work Boot.

This shoe comes with a padded insole that will allow you to move around at work with far more comfort. This will keep your feet extremely warm and dry, which is great if you are working in a place where there is an accumulation of moisture in the air. This will also reduce the level of chafing.


  • This comes with 360-degree protection, making it one of the most comfortable shoes that you can wear. This will correct any overp[ronation in your feet too.
  • This is made with premium leather, so you won’t have to worry about them perishing in wetter conditions.
  • This comes with ultra-thick bumper pads on the side, giving you everything that you need for protective heel-to-toe coverage.
  • This comes with a very flexible insole, giving you everything that you need for solid foot support. It also has slip-resistant properties that will keep you on the deck, no matter what.


  • The waterproof properties of this boot will only last you for a few months, after which, you’ll notice a much more dramatic intake of water inside your shoe.

Cat Footwear Men’s Excavator Lt 6″ Waterproof Work Boot

Next up, I have a work boot that will give you total protection up the ankles, with a sturdy yet lightweight boot that you can use in any situation, from the workplace to a long hike.

The upper part of the boot is breathable and will help you discharge plenty of moisture – introducing Cat Footwear Men’s excavator Lt 6-inch Waterproof Work Boot.

This boot comes with a hardy outside and a very comfortable inside, with moisture-wicking properties that will get rid of all the sweat from the inside of your shoe.

This boot also has padding inside which will really help to keep your foot properly aligned, which will take all stress off your boot.


  • This comes with a dual-platform, which will allow you to throw your foot down much harder than you normally would.
  • This comes with a construction that will make it extremely easy to slip your foot into this longer boot. The added bonus is that it gives you total protection up to the lower leg.
  • This is one of the more lightweight and flexible boots that you can find on the market, coming with a leather material that is perfect for your needs.
  • This boot is also extremely durable, giving you everything that you need for a very solid underfoot. This will also reduce any pressure that you have coming from your knees.


  • This is one of the heavier boots that I have on this list. If you are struggling with your mobility, I might recommend that you try a small booter with a lighter construction.

Danner Men’s Vicious 4.5-inch Plain Toe Work Boot

This next boot comes with amazing contouring in the heel that will certainly reduce the amount of twisting that you’ll experience in your foot and therefore in your knee too.

This will protect you against many electrical hazards, giving you everything that you need for working near exposed electrical wiring – introducing the Danner Men’s Vicious 4.5-inch Plain Toe Work Boot.

This comes with a non-metallic toe cap which will offer you a lot of protection in your toes but will still not be too heavy for your to lift your leg.

This comes with a shock absorber in the underfoot area, which is again perfect for stopping shocks from traveling up the knee and causing you significant pain.


  • This comes with a lightweight design, meaning that you won’t receive any undue strain on the knee joint.
  • This comes with stitch overlays, which makes it one of the more durable boots that you can find. This will not let in any leaks such as rainwater or chemicals.
  • If you are working in gardening, construction or transportation, these boots will suit all forms of heavy-duty employment. You can also use these ones for casual hiking.
  • This comes with a reinforced toe, which will really hello to keep your delicate digits very safe and secure.


  • This is not one of the best waterproof boats that I have on this list. If you are expecting to get involved in ankle-deep water, we would suggest that you have a look at some of the other boots.

Keen Utility Men’s Detroit XT Mid Soft Toe Waterproof Work Boot

This next boot really helps you protect the toes through the pattern of the steel toe cap which is asymmetrical. This means that the toes are held securely in place, although they do afford some wriggle-room.

This comes with reinforcement throughout the base of the foot that allows for a much more stable movement – introducing the Keen Utility Men’s Detroit XT Mid Soft Toe Waterproof Work Boot.

This comes with a padded collar that will allow it to fit with most shoes perfectly. This is very important if you have particularly large feet and you find it difficult to find shoes that fit your feet.

This comes with a frontal design that will prevent the foot from twisting outwards, which will in turn protect the knee.


  • This comes with a wider toe box than a lot of the other shoes I have listed here. This makes it great for anyone with bigger feet.
  • This is coated with a laminate that will make sure it is protected from chemical and oil spills. This is very important if you are working with hazardous substances.
  • This comes with amazing arch support, meaning that you’ll have much more freedom of movement, as well more natural poise, which will alleviate the knees.
  • This has asymmetrical toe protection, making it one of the safest boots on this list. This is great for anyone with jobs in hazardous, heavy industries.


  • This has a sole that some users have stated degrades after just a few months. You might have to take this one for a costly repair job after months of intense use.

Thorogood Men’s American Heritage 6-inch Moc Toe

This final boot is one that is made by a very trusted brand, coming with thousands of positive reviews on the internet. This comes with reinforced comfort on the base of the entire sole, making it perfect for natural flexing and proper pronation.

This comes with shock protection that will stop any tremors from reaching your painful knees – introducing Thorogood Men’s American Heritage 6-Inch Moc Toe.

This shoe is one of the most protective that I could find on the market, with reinforced rubber in the key areas, you can be sure that you’ll have everything that you need for a solid gait, which will alleviate any pressure put on the knees.

This comes with a padded footbed and webbing on the inside, both of which are comfortable and protective.


  • This comes with molded and reinforced rubber in the sole, which is perfect for keeping your feet comfortable and reducing the shocks to your knees.
  • This shoe is made from leather and has waterproof materials – if you are working in lakes or rivers, then I would suggest that you get this as your set of main work boots.
  • This is also resistant to chemicals and oils, meaning that if you are working in a chemical plant, you can have these as a pair of PPE-graded work shoes.
  • They are very lightweight, unlike a lot of the other shoes which tend to weigh down the leg and cause undue stress on the knees.


  • The price – again, with a premium level of features, you can expect to pay a much higher price. This might not appeal to anyone who is trying to watch their wallets.

Buyer’s Guide

When it comes to working boots for bad knees, there are certain features that are a must-have. If you tend to twist your knees during work, then this might be due to a design flaw in your work shoes. I would recommend that you get something highly supportive and comfortable, with a mixture of hard and flexible materials that will give you support without stiffness.

How Durable Are They?

This will all depend on what materials your shoes are made from. If you are dealing with leather, then you can expect a pretty decent level of support and water protection.

However, if you are submerging your feet in the water on a daily basis, then you can expect even leather to perish after a few months.

You’ll need to know the level of work that you’re doing and buy the footwear that is appropriate for that level. If you are going to buy a more heavy-duty boot, then the downside might be that you’ll be dragging your feet along behind you.

How Much Support Do Your Shoes Give?

This will all depend on the narrowness of the design and how tight you can do up the laces.

A work boot should fit tightly to the natural form of your foot but it should not be restrictive, otherwise, it might cut off circulation. I would suggest getting shoes with steel teeth that allow you to loop your laces firmly and will avoid them snagging.

How Heavy Are They?

One thing that will certainly affect how your feet and legs move is the weight of your boot. If you have smaller legs, then having a heavier boot might result in your feet dragging, causing you to become clumsy and injuring your bad knees even further.

Before buying any types of work boots, where you can, try them on in the store. Then move around in them to see if you have enough room, they aren’t too heavy and they aren’t pinching your toes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Snug Should Your Boot Be?

I would suggest that you get a boot that grips the heel very firmly. This is because there’ll be a lot of impacts placed on the heel, so you’ll want something that is very secure in this area.

Having a snug shoe will also prevent it from slipping and will decrease the wonkiness of your gait. Having an uneven gait is the primary cause of knee pain.

Should Your Shoe Have Moisture-Wicking Properties?

Although this might be a priority for some people, we all know how uncomfortable a sweaty shoe can be. It can even result in blisters and chafing, which will cause you to limp and might result in injuries elsewhere on your body.

The place that the shoe should really be breathing is at the top where the laces are. This is because when the shoe gets warm, the heat will automatically rise off the top of your shoe.