How Much To Resole Boots?

If you spend the day working on your feet, chances are you become pretty reliant on your shoes to support you throughout the day and to protect your feet. When the soles on your favorite work boots start to wear thin you will be left considering whether it is worthwhile resoling your boots or if you would be better off buying a new pair entirely.

Buying a new pair would mean having to depend on stocks and having to break in your new boots to make them as comfortable as the last pair, and so the vicious cycle goes on! Here we look at how much it could be to resole boots and whether it would be better to buy a new pair.

Is It Worth Resoling Boots?

Resoling your boots is a great way of prolonging the life of your boots but it depends on the type of boots you have as well as what you will be doing when wearing these boots, whether they are for work or leisure.

If you have purchased boots from a reputable shoe brand, it is likely that you will get a number of years’ wear before the sole begins to wear down and thin. If you are purchasing more budget branded boots usually wear and tear will begin much sooner.

Wear and tear can begin to show on boots at different times, depending on your line of work also in the case of work boots. If you are working in security, your shoes could suffer from wear and tear over years due to constantly being on your feet and running.

If you are working in construction, wear and tear may occur much earlier due to the environment you are working in. It is more likely that you could spill paint on your shoes, step on a nail causing the sole to rip, or possibly even walk in cement that is not fully set.

When purchasing boots you should consider what you will be doing when wearing them and choosing a brand that will give protection and longevity. For work boots, it is important to invest in a pair of boots that will protect and support your feet. By investing in a decent pair of work boots you will get longer from the boots as well as have benefits to your foot health.

In brief, if your boots are budget branded, it would potentially cost more to resole your boots than what you originally paid and, in this instance, it would not be worth resoling boots. If you have invested in decent work boots from a reputable brand it may be worthwhile resoling your boots as it could be only a fraction of the original cost. It is worthwhile checking the cost of resoling in a number of shoe repair stores and considering the cost before deciding what to do.

What Is The Usual Cost Of Resoling Boots?

The cost of resoling boots differs between states as well as between different shoe repair stores and cobblers. The cost is usually influenced by the size of the shoe, the material needed as well as the damage that needs to be fixed. If you are having the entire sole replaced this would be more expensive than having smaller areas of damage repaired.

For some boots it is more complicated to replace a sole as it may require stitching or a particular type of sole, this again influences the cost of resoling. In most states, the average price will vary between $80 to $150, which is still considerably less than the average cost of good work boots or leather boots. 

When Should You Consider Resoling Boots?

If there is too much damage to your boots sometimes it is not possible to resole your boots and they are beyond repair. To avoid this from happening you should consider resoling your boots when you notice any of these signs:

  • When the sole begins to thin and the ground begins to feel closer to your toes
  • If your sole begins to feel uneven you should fix them to prevent damage to your back, ankles, and calves
  • A hole in your sole can let in pests as well as dampness which could lead to a bug bite or athlete’s foot 
  • If your sole begins to detach from the top of your boots you should stop wearing your boots as this can cause tripping or other potential accidents

As soon as you notice any of the above signs you should consider resoling your boots. Take time to check how much it would be to resole your boots in a number of cobblers or shoe repair stores so that you can decide whether it is worthwhile or not in the case of each pair of boots. If it is more expensive than the original cost of the boots you should consider purchasing a new pair unless the boots hold sentimental value.

Can You Resole Boots At Home?

If you do not have access to a cobbler or a shoe repair store you may be questioning if it is possible to resole your boots at home by yourself, this depends on the boots. If your boots require a glued sole and are a budget brand, taking off the original sole could cause damage that would leave the boots ruined.

If your boots are a good brand and require glued soles you will be able to both remove and replace your sole. If your boots require a stitched sole it is best to seek an expert’s help as this repair can be extremely difficult and requires a number of tools. 

For boots that require a glued sole, simply purchase the necessary type of sole in your shoe size and a good, strong hold boot glue. You can buy soles and boot glue online as well as kits to help the process which will cost approximately $30. You can also attach new soles to boots using hobnails, which are short nails that are hammered through the sole into the base of the shoe. 

Final Thoughts

We hope this guide is helpful and that it helps you to save money and to get more out of your boots. While resoling your boots may not always be the best option, in most cases you will be able to resole your boots without parting with large amounts of money.

There is no limit on how many times you can resole your boots so ensure you keep an eye out for signs that could mean you need to replace the sole. By taking care of your boots you can help to extend the life of your favorite pair.